It’s been another great week for precious metal investors, with the price of gold in Australian dollars soaring beyond AUD $2,100 per troy ounce. Silver got in on the act too, and is now trading back above AUD $24.00 per troy ounce, with the Gold to Silver ratio still at an eye-watering 88:1.

The rally in gold has been driven by a handful of factors, including the much expected rate cut by the Federal Reserve, continued trade tensions between the US and China, with threats of more tariffs announced from the White House announced via twitter, and the continued build up of negative yielding bonds, which now top USD $13 trillion according to some estimates.

Australian precious metal investors are also benefitting from continued weakness in the local currency, with the fall in the AUD owing to a noticeable pullback in the prices of our key commodity exports, especially iron ore and coal. 

That weakness, plus a continued slowdown in the economy has seen markets up their expectations regarding RBA rate cuts such that they now see the cash sitting at just 0.5% by September 2020, just over one year from now. 

Add all this up and it’s no surprise we are seeing plenty of investor registering for this years 10th annual Gold and Alternative Investments Conference. 

Whilst gold and silver are the most widely recognised and arguably safest precious metals to invest in, they aren’t the only options available to investors. Platinum and Palladium are options, but at this years Gold and Alternative Investments Conference, we want to highlight a new investment opportunity in the precious metal sector: Osmium!

About Osmium

Osmium, one of the eight precious metals, was discovered in 1804 and is the rarest and densest stable element known to man. Mineable reserves are estimated to be as low as 45 tonnes, or two cubic metres. Industrial applications for the raw form of osmium are extremely limited due to the formation of toxic osmium tetroxide when exposed to air. 

Today, raw osmium can be crystallised into wafers which are chemically inert and nontoxic. The Osmium-Institute, in collaboration with a Swiss manufacturing company, is at the forefront of commercially making available crystalline osmium to the world. 

Crystalline osmium is a hard, unmalleable product; it does not tarnish, and each cut shape has a unique surface structure. It has a characteristic blue tint- the ‘osmium sparkle’- making it modern looking and highly appealing. The ‘osmium sparkle’ produces an interesting new working material for jewellery designers and manufacturers. 

After the successful completion of the first projects with Swiss premium watchmakers and increasing interest in the jewellery industry, crystalline osmium now offers a new and alternative option to invest in precious metals at an early stage of market development.

Meet the Speaker
Ingo Wolf, Director, Osmium-Institute

The presentation on Osmium will be delivered by German entrepreneur Ingo Wolf. He is the Founder and Director of the Osmium-Institute headquartered near Munich, Germany, and we are delighted to be hosting him at this years event in Sydney. 

The presentation will cover the following topics: 

  • Potential and challenges for crystalline osmium 
  • Global market outlook 

Ingo is responsible for establishing a global governance architecture, supply chain and market to facilitate secure trading of crystalline osmium. 

Prior to founding the Osmium-Institute, as General Manager of Commodity Trade GmbH, Ingo directed exploration and early mine development activities for several gold exploration fields and one antimony deposit near Pernik, Bulgaria, with Bulgarian Commodity Trade OOD. In 2017, he sold the respective mining leases to acquire the exclusive rights to market crystalline osmium worldwide. 

Previously, Ingo set up more than 200 IP-radio stations and a TV broadcasting network with more than 800 individual stations, including and, which brings news from the resources industry to an international audience. 
Ingo studied Physics at Technical University Munich, Germany. 

Should Osmium be on your investment radar? We’re looking forward to hearing Ingo’s talk, and to learn more about how to invest in this extremely rare precious metal.

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